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  • Figure 01: Geometric plan of Belém, designed by engineer André Schwebell in 1753.
    Source: Manuscript of the National Library, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Figure 02: General plan of the city of Pará, designed by the engineer T. Constantino de Chermont in 1791.
    Source: ALUNORTE

A 1753 map by engineer André Schwebell, a German military man who came to Belém as part of Boundaries Commission, shows that at the location of the Casa Rosada, there already existed a building in the shape of "L", the body of the which faced current Siqueira Mendes street and the contiguous plot, the bottom and the side of which may have been the building’s courtyard or backyard, a peculiar feature of Belém of yore.


61 Siqueira Mendes St. at the corner of Felix Roque Ln.
CEP: 66020-600 - Old Town - Belém - Pará - Brazil

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    Rua Siqueira Mendes, nº 61 - Cidade Velha
    CEP: 66020-600 - Belém - Pará - Brasil
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