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The Bologna Room is a tribute to Italian architect Giuseppe Antonio Landi. It is located on the top floor of Casa Rosada.

In September 2011 the room received quadrature painting by Italian teacher Pietro Lenzini aided by Giorgio Drioli, both from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where Landi was a student and a teacher in the eighteenth century.

Quadrature is a perspective illusionist painting, also known as painted architecture or the painting of architectural ornaments. In the Bologna Room that technique was used, and elements of Amazon fauna and flora were added to the characteristic features of the Antonio Landi’s architecture.

Among the plants that stand out in our flora there depicted are snake plant and dumbcane, which in popular culture protect the household. Also portrayed in Bologna Room are the flocks of vultures that can be seen in the Ver-o-Peso market.

One element that is present in the room painting is the curtain that Landi had done in the Church of Santana, in Mariuá, the village in the upper Rio Negro that no longer exists. The twisted columns are also a quote from the ancient cathedral of Belém, which the Italian architect built and which was then changed, in a later remodeling.

Artista e professor Pietro Lenzini Artista e professor Pietro Lenzini

Quadrature Painting - a typical style of the Art schools of Bologna, Italy. Antonio Landi studied the technique in one of the most famous Bolognese schools – the Clementine Academy, founded by Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsili in the eighteenth century. Being a master in the art of scenographic and illusionist painting – styles that were highly requested and common throughout Italy – Landi brought the techniques to the capital of the state of Pará.

This type of painting can also be found in the chancel of the Church of St. John the Baptist in the Old City, Belém, a project which was introduced by Antonio Landi for this building, with strong inspiration in eighteenth-century Bolognese quadrature.

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