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Sala Landi  It is located at Siqueira Mendes stree at the corner of Felix Roque lane, in the Old Town district of Belém (Pará)

The CASA ROSADA, with its grace and elegance, is back! The times are no longer for having silence and closed doors. The unveiling of time can tell old stories and generate a new epoch while rocking our hammock of memories

There was a time in the mid-eighteenth century, that this town of Santa Maria de Belém do Grão Pará, embedded in the heart of the Amazon, had the honor of receiving the Italian architect Antonio Landi. Living here, he left a trail of light reflected in architectural monuments that even today, constitute many spaces of the historic site of the city, such as the Palace of the Governors, Chapel of the Third Order, Carmo Church, Chapels of Pombo and São João, Santana Church and the Sé Cathedral, among others.

These imposing buildings of unquestionable aesthetic and historic value, denote the strategic vision of Portugal during the Pombal period: Belém as a major cultural, political, religious and military center in colonial, far northern Brazil.

Besides these large constructions, research conducted in partnership between the University of Florence, Italy, and the Federal University of Pará, Brazil, also attach Landi’s hallmark to the interventions in the design of the Casa Rosada: a big house situated in the Old Town - the historic site of Belém – which lacked due attention for too long, albeit it was admired by all.

More recently, fifteen years ago, ALUBAR, a Brazilian company created by a group of Argentine professionals installed the Industrial Pole of Barcarena, Pará, a plant for the production of aluminum electrical cables, providing verticality to aluminum ore. Involved in their process of integration into local society, ALUBAR acquired and adopted HOUSE ROSADA as another challenge and commitment to their performance. The Federal University of Pará, through the LANDI FORUM, is their partner and took charge, with its technical team, of the technical coordination of the project to restore this beautiful manor.

For the urbanites of Belém today who are aware that historical memory feeds ethical and aesthetic values that generate culture, the revitalization of its spaces and icons of their past creates the necessary visiting plan, the prospect of contributing to the strengthening of citizenship.

Written by Dina Oliveira – Pará Plastic Artist 

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